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theme #16-


  • click-on navigation
  • posts are 250px 
  • you can change the background image 

live preview // code (wait 5 second, then click “skip ad” in the top right corner)


  • normal links
  • posts are 250px
  • you can change the background image

live preview // code (wait 5 seconds, then click “skip ad” in the top right corner)


  • transparent sidebar and posts 
  • posts are 250px 
  • cute images for links 
  • you can aslo change the background image 

live preview // code (wait 5 seconds, the click “skip ad” in the top right corner) 

all pixels i used in sidebars are from here 

if you want some nice backgrounds then click here

Please reblog/like this post if you are using this theme, or if you are planning on using it, also please message me on my theme blog if you are having any trouble with the theme, thank you xx 


butterfly theme by moonwisp

preview 1 / preview 2 / preview 3 / code

idrk where i was going with this when i started„, but i kinda like how it turned out !! it’s super fun to customize!

features and stuff under the cut

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Hiatus Page
Static Preview 1Static Preview 2Code Theme Blog (ask questions there!)


  1. Fish widget as background or an image as a background (size should the same as your screen size)
  2. Music player (by vitanica). Use billy-mp3-player.
  3. Facebook and Twitter Link.
  4. Pop Up Ask box
  5. Colors are customizable


// klimt //

  • 400px posts;
  • 6 links;
  • a lot of customization basically;
  • gradient bg: you define the colors;
  • optional page frame;
  • optional sidebar box for random content;
  • customizable transparencies and space between posts.

preview code


Nicotine theme by uttsutsu

I’ve been sick today and super bored so i made this quick theme i hope you guys like it!

  • music player
  • optional post sizes (180,250,400)
  • hover permalink
  • infinite scroll
  • back to top button
  • 3 custom links
  • optional transparent sidebar

preview | pastebin



"styles theme" by meroku (click to enlarge)

this theme features 2 styles so it’s like 2 themes in 1. you can select either of them and customize to your liking. please read on for features and customizations!! (not a redux theme but kinda sorta inspired))


  • 4 post sizes, 250, 350, 400, 500
  • optional shadows with 2 different styles to have them
  • 3 different optional borders, solid, dashed and dotted
  • in style 1, background opacity
  • in style 2, the option to position your description box wherever you want it
  • lots of color customizations
  • optional background image
  • fonts to select from
  • post info border option
  • optional infinite scrolling

preview 1 / preview 2 / code

continue reading on for some quick info about customizing:

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THEME 05. BENRIYA → Live Preview (Static) · Code

Theme Information:

  • Mostly Customizable Colors. 
  • 150px width Sidebar Image
  • 500px Posts Only. 
  • Submit Link
  • 3 Custom Links
  • Other Options

Honestly this is just a re-vamped version of my Wandering Star theme but personally, I think this one is way much better so. —Have fun with it but please don’t use as a base, claims as your own, and all that. Also please keep the credit link where it is, thank you.

I won’t be taking any questions or concerns pertaining to this theme at all. So you’re on your own if you have problems with the theme, sorry.



original theme .01 by casualffair

the screenshots are awful and gross so check out the previews blah blah blah

live preview

static previews:
01 // 02 

code (pastebin) // code (freetexthost)

this is my first original theme and i really like it!! it may not be they type of thing most people are into but i think its cute yeah. (it’s optimized for google chrome. if you don’t have it, here is a download link)

do not remove the credit. this is my original theme. it is not a redux edit. that means 100% my coding. you can’t move the credits somewhere else, either. just leave them alone.

some features:

  • movable sidebar image
  • background/favicon/banner/sidebar/links/frame images!!
  • show tags/captions on and off
  • optional frame with bg color and image options
  • choose your own images for links
  • all colors are customizable!!

full list of features, resources, instructions on how to install the theme, and q and a below the cut!!

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THEME 02 - darkness | by fearwakes

  • 250px posts
  • 80px square sidebar image
  • 5 links

live preview | pastebin


[ 18 : update ] 

livepreview :: code

I was really lazy making this theme the first time, so here is a much needed update.

500/400/250px, hidden description, 4 links, optional: infinite scroll, rounded edges, inverted/faded images, sidepic, captions

again, don’t use the icons outside of this theme because I made them myself

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